MoviePass Gifting

Give the Gift of MoviePass for the Holidays!

3 Months

3 months of unlimited movies



6 Months

6 months of unlimited movies



12 Months

12 months of unlimited movies



How it works:

Pick Your Gift

Purchase either a 3, 6, or 12 month MoviePass gift card. You only make a one-time payment.

Pick Your Gifting Date

Pick a date for us to email your recipient with an electronic gift voucher and your personal message.

Recipient gets MoviePass!

On chosen date, recipient will get an email with directions on how to register and receive their MoviePass card!

Still have questions? Check out our gift card FAQs

Top FAQs

  • When will the recipient’s MoviePass subscription start? The recipient must complete their account's registration using the link in their gift notification email. Once they receive their card in the mail their subscription will be activated.
  • How can I purchase multiple gifts? You can purchase multiple MoviePass gifts as long as each gift recipient's correct email address is entered on the registration form. Multiple gifts cannot be purchased at once and each gift you are sending requires completion of the entire gifting form with every gift recipient's individual information.
  • Can I cancel my gift subscription at any time?
Your gift subscription will expire at the end of its term, there’s no need to cancel.
  • Do I have to have a smartphone to use the gift card?
 Yes, MoviePass requires a smartphone (iPhone or Android) in order to utilize the subscription.